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Al Mar Knives

A message from Gary Fadden, President of Al Mar Knives:
Since 1979, Al Mar Knives™ has been committed to making unique designs at quality levels that rival custom, hand-made knives. Today, each knife crafted by Al Mar is hand-finished and hand-sharpened by craftsmen dedicated to creating the very best possible. Each Al Mar knife features flat-ground blades for strength and superior performance - and that’s just one reason to trust the Al Mar name. At Al Mar Knives, A Warrior’s Edge ™ means Factory Perfection.

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Let CRKT knives be billboards to present a strong, quality image for your company. All CRKT models can be imprinted with your company name and logo to promote your product or service for years to come. A variety of durable imprint colors are available for high-quality, detailed printing of your unique identity on handle, blade or sheath. Blades and metallic handles may be decorated with fine detail laser engraving.

Because CRKT knives are used in so many ways every day, you can be sure that they will not be put away in some drawer, but will be visible as a constant reminder of your company. In short, they are not trinkets, but real, quality work tools that the recipient will appreciate for years to come.

CRKT billboards are remarkably affordable. Please call or fax with company information and your imprint specifications, and we will get your customized sales promotion started.

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The Leatherman Tool Group was founded by Timothy S. Leatherman, a 1970 graduate of Oregon State University who majored in mechanical engineering. According to a December 10, 1981 column written by Bill Monroe in The Oregonian, Leatherman came up with the idea of a "Boy Scout knife with pliers" during a 1975 driving tour of Europe with his wife, when he was unable to use his pocket knife to fix his repeatedly malfunctioning car.
Leatherman spent several years perfecting his prototype, getting his first patent in 1980. He also spent those early years refining his sales model. He originally expected that industrial companies with large staffs of technicians would be his target customer, but attempts to sell the tool to companies such as AT&T failed. It was only after following the advice of a contact at the Early Winters catalog company to simplify his product that sales began to grow. It was mail-order catalog companies such as Early Winters and Cabela's that gave Leatherman his first significant sales.
WAVE - The Most Popular Leatherman Ever
17Tools In One...
The Leatherman Wave multi-tool is hands down our most popular model, made famous by its outside-accessible blades that can be deployed with just one hand. When we redesigned it in 2004, we gave the new Wave larger knives, stronger pliers, longer wire cutters, and all-locking blades. Perfect for any job, adventure, or everyday task, the Wave multi-tool is an international best-seller.

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